*We're all mad here*
Batmanrainbows<3 3/27/14

Hiya! I'm Hannah I and happily taken by my beautiful girlfriend Sam, I have three tattoos, 1 dermal as well as my nipples pierced and a Monroe. I love to be crazy, weird, loud and silly. I try to make everyone smile and keep things positive; It's better to look at the cup half full rather then half empty after all :) I love to stand out in a crowd but I also like to be alone and jam out to music by myself sometimes. I post rants, and things that bother me about how people view the Gay community. I call my posts "Its a lesbian thing" and Just because I call it that DOES NOT i repeat DOES NOT mean its only a lesbian problem, or something that only happens to lesbians. I call it that because It's my thoughts.
Instagram - drugzandpugz
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